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Overworld Map

Zelda II Overworld 156 KB PNG

1. North Palace

Starting Area

Zelda II Start 5 KB PNG

5. Parapa Palace

Palace 1 - Get Candle here.

Zelda II Level 1 Boss 53 KB PNG

12. Midoro Palace

Palace 2
Get Magic Glove here.

Zelda II Level 2 Boss 64 KB PNG

21. Island Palace

Palace 3
Get Raft here.

Zelda II Level 3 Boss 51 KB PNG

29. Maze Palace

Palace 4
Get Winged Boots here.

Zelda II Level 4 Boss 57 KB PNG

31. Palace on the Sea

Palace 5
Get Flutre here.

Zelda II Level 5 Boss 84 KB PNG

38. Three-Eye Rock Palace

Palace 6
Get Cross here.

Zelda II Level 6 Boss 102 KB PNG

39. Great Palace

Palace 7

Zelda II Level 7 Boss 207 KB PNG

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