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Level Area Image Size Image Type

Jungle - Starting Area

Metal Gear Jungle Thumb - Nintendo NES

56 KB
714 x 1536


Building 1

Metal Gear Building 1 Thumb - Nintendo NES 193 KB
3172 x 2438


Building 2

Metal Gear Building 2 Thumb - Nintendo NES 124 KB
1892 x 2782


Buildings 3 and 4

Metal Gear Building 2 Thumb - Nintendo NES 212 KB
2626 x 3000



The Legend of Zelda Box Cover Front


Crazed Colonel Vermon CaTaffy poses new terrorist threat to the world.

Outer Heaven leader CaTaffy has activated the ultimate super weapon: Metal Gear!

Responding to the crisis, covert unit "Fox Hound" is called into action, and that's where you come into play.

Trained in hand-to-hand combat and skilled in every weapon known to man, you're Fox Hound's lethal fighting machine, code named "Solid Snake".

But on this mission you better be sly as well, to surprise heavily armed enemies, busting 'em up quietly and rescuing their hostages before alarms are triggered.

Plus you gotta maintain radio contact with Commander South, who'll feed you crucial info on Metal Gear's whereabouts.

To survive, capture submachine guns, Barettas, grenade launchers, and plastic explosives...

Until you find and destroy Metal Gear, ending CaTaffy's reign of terror.

The Legend of Zelda Box Cover Back



  1. Reset Timer: After escaping the final level, smoke a cigarette to reset the timer.

  2. All Weapons and Items Password: 21Z1C GZZZG UOOOU UYRZZ NTOZ3

  3. Start New Game with All Key Cards Password: 21111 1Z111 11111 11111 111BI

  4. Start New Game with All Equipment and Key Cards along with Four Star Rank: 51111 1ZZZZ 11111 111SS K1SRQ


Game Genie Codes

1. SZUYPZVG Don't take hits from bullets
2. SXVTXZVG No hits taken in hand-to-hand fights with most enemies
3. XZVSAYVZ + PAVSPNTT + AEKSZYIE Start with an energy boost
4. XZVSAYVZ + PAVSPNTT + GEKSZYIE Start with a super energy boost
5. ZASILYPA Mystery location 1
6. GASILYPA Mystery location 2
Metal Gear is a trademark of Konami Industries Co. Ltd.


Memory Address Codes

  Address Value Effect
1. 006D 10 Always have full life
2. 0079 32 Full ammo
3. 007C 05 Have 5 missiles
4. 007B 05 Have 5 explosives
5. 007A 05 Have 5 mines
6. 007E 05 Have 5 grenades
7 007D FF Machine gun has 255 ammo
8. 006E 04 Have 4 rank
9. 007F 05 Have 5 Rocket L.
10. 07D7 FF Always have 255 on the timer


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