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Stage Area Screen Image Size Image Type
Bomb Man Bomb Man - Mega Man Screen 71 KB
4352 x 1200
Cut Man Cut Man - Mega Man Screen 46 KB
3328 x 2160
Elec Man Elec Man - Mega Man Screen 98 KB
1024 x 5040
Fire Man Fire Man - Mega Man Screen 40 KB
3584 x 720
Guts Man Guts Man - Mega Man Screen 58 KB
3840 x 1200
Ice Man Ice Man - Mega Man Screen 71 KB
5120 x 1200

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Mega Man Box Cover Front



It's MEGA MAN versus the powerful leaders and fighting forces of Monsteropolis - that strange multilayered land of robot-like Humanoids created by the wrongly performed experiments with human beings by Dr. Wiley.

MEGA MAN - the chosen defender of the human race. For he dares to single-handedly penetrate Monsteropolis' seven separate societies to stop the rapid expansion of strange misrepresentations of humans.

MEGA MAN's goal is monumental. He must infiltrate seven separate heavily-guarded empires. By himself, he must break-down and destroy the followers of empire leaders: Cutman, Gutsman, Iceman, Bombman, Fireman, Elecman and Dr. Wily.

The action involves MEGA MAN, armed only with laser beam weapons, encountering strangely-configured Humanoids. They're atop, in and out of fortified prison-like structures strengthened with thick walls. Below icefields. Hidden amid gun turrets imbedded in concrete uprights, even in subterranean passages under icefields. WOW!

Will you and Mega Man penetrate the seven separate societies of Dr. Wily and preserve the human race? You're in control!

Mega Man Box Cover Back



  1. Boss Damage Trick: When attacking a boss, it will flash for a few moments after every hit. While it is flashing it can't be damaged. To get around that, simply press "Select" to pause the game. When you unpause the boss won't be flashing / invincible anymore and you can immediately do more damage. Keep pressing "Select" as your special weapon is going through the boss to make it do a ton more damage!


Game Genie Codes

1. OZSKPZVK Infinite lives
2. AASPLAZA Start with 1 life
3. IASPLAZA Start with 6 lives
4. AASPLAZE Start with 9 lives
5. SZKZGZSA Infinite energy
6. TAXOIOGO Start with half energy
7. AVVXLPSZ No harm from any enemies, except super villains
8. OXSLEEPV + AUSLOEAZ Always get maximum points for shooting super villains
9. TAOOYTGA MegaMan mega-jump
MegaMan and Dr. Wily are trademarks of Capcom USA, Inc.


Memory Address Codes

  Address Value Effect
1. 006A 1C Always have full energy
2. 0055 04 Invincible
3. 005D FF All stages are complete


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