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Final Fantasy Screen Shot Overworld Map 327 KB
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Final Fantasy Box Cover Front


Dragons and broadswords, mystery and adventure. Final Fantasy has them all!

An evil shroud covers the world in darkness. You must restore the powers of earth, wind, fire, and water to the Four Orbs. Create your own band of 4 Light Warriors from fighters, thieves, martial artists, and magicians. You'll need all their skills to triumph in this massive role-playing adventure.

Your treacherous journey takes you to all parts of a strange new world. Explore dangerous castles and dark caverns where deadly perils, and great rewards await at every turn. Hundreds of ferocious monsters block your path. With patience, skill, and cunning you can defeat them.

Come, begin your quest. Enter an enchanted new World. Command your warriors! Prepare to face the Final Fantasy! A world shrouded in the darkness of evil. Your mission - to restore the light!

Final Fantasy Box Cover Back



  1. Hidden Puzzle Game: When you're on the ship, hold down the "A" button and press the "B" button 55 times to access the hidden puzzle game.

  2. World Map: While in the overworld, press and hold "B" then press "Select" to see the world map.


Game Genie Codes

1. SZULIEVS "LIFE" Spell never uses up Magic Points
2. SZVULEVS "LIF2" Spell never uses up Magic Points
3. TESGTYZA Magic Users start with 6 Magic Points
4. PESGTYZE Magic Users start with 9 Magic Points
5. ELEXVLEY + AESGANGA + AESGGNAA Non-magic users can use Level 1 Magic
6. AZOUGAEP + LAOUIAPA Start with 800 Gold
7. TGKLPALZ Double Fighter Hit Points
8. GPKUAEZA Double Fighter's Hit
9. ZTKUPAIU Double Fighter's Evade
10. ZAKLTAIE Double Fighter's Luck
11. GLSLPETO Double Thief's Hit Points
12. TASLYAZA Triple Thief's Damage
13. ZASUAAIE Double Thief's Hit
14. GYSUPEZL Double Thief's Evade
15. TPSLTEYE Double Thief's Luck
16. ZGVLPAPZ Double Black Belt's Hit Points
17. TAVLYAZA Triple Black Belt's Damage
18. ZAVUAAIE Double Black Belt's Hit
19. ZTVUPAIU Double Black Belt's Evade
20. ZAVLTAIE Double Black Belt's Luck
21. GLNLPETO Double Red Mage(tm)'s Hit Points
22. ZANLYAIE Double Red Mage's Damage
23. TANUAAYE Double Red Mage's Hit
24. GYNUPEZL Double Red Mage's Evade
25. ZANLTAIE Double Red Mage's Luck
26. AUELPEGO Double White Mage(tm)'s Hit Points
27. TEELYAZA Triple White Mage's Damage
28. ZEEUAAIE Double White Mage's Hit
29. ZVEUPAIU Double White Mage's Evade
30. ZEELTAIE Double White Mage's Luck
31. ZUOLPEPP Double Black Mage's Hit Points
32. LEOLYAPA Triple Black Mage's Damage
33. ZEOUAAIE Double Black Mage's Hit
34. GNOUPEZL Double Black Mage's Evade
35. GOOLTEZA Double Black Mage's Luck
36. GXSZPKSV + GXSXZKSV Almost infinite Gold
Final Fantasy, Black Mage, Red Mage and White Mage are trademarks of Square Soft, Inc.


Memory Address Codes

  Address Value Effect
1. C50F 00 No random battles in the overworld
2. C4CA EA Walk through walls in the overworld
3. 601D FF Have a ton of gold


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