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Land Stage Title Screen Image Size Image Type

The Amazon

Duck Tales - The Amazon Title - Nintendo NES

101 KB
2048 x 1680



Duck Tales - Transylvania Title - Nintendo NES

97 KB
2048 x 1680


African Mines

Duck Tales - African Mines Title - Nintendo NES

115 KB
2048 x 1440


The Himalayas

Duck Tales - The Himalayas Title - Nintendo NES

91 KB
2048 x 1680


The Moon

Duck Tales - The Moon Title - Nintendo NES

63 KB
2048 x 1440


Bonus Area

Duck Tales - Bonus Area Title - Nintendo NES

8 KB
1024 x 480



Duck Tales Box Cover Front

Disney's Duck Tales


Bless me bagpipes! When will that thrill-seeker, Scrooge McDuck, ever quit? Never one to turn away from adventure, Uncle Scrooge has taken on his greatest challenge - to discover the legendary Five Lost Treasures and become the "Richest Duck in the World!"

Join Scrooge and the DUCKTALES gang: gung-ho flying ace, Launchpad; the nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, and little Webby on their search. Together, they must trek through the treacherous Amazon jungle, down into the diamond mines of Africa, and even to the Moon!

Are you "Duck" enough to join them on their adventure? Come along to Duckburg Headquarters and see for yourself!

Duck Tales Box Cover Back



  1. Bonus Stage: When your score has a 7 as the 10-thousands digit (for example 170,000), call Launchpad to take you back home. He will drop you off at a secret bonus stage.

  2. Refill Your Energy: If you have 3,000,000 in your total, you can refill your energy anytime by pressing "Select". Each time you press "Select", you will consume that amount.

  3. Hidden Ending: Score at least $10,000,000 and then beat the game. You'll see a slightly different ending.

  4. Bad Ending: Complete the game with exactly zero dollars to unlock the bad ending.


Game Genie Codes

1. SXUIEKVK Infinite lives
2. ATVVXLEZ Infinite hit points
3. AAESULZA Start with 1 life
4. IAESULZA Start with 6 lives
5. AAESULZE Start with 9 lives
6. LAVTNLPA Lose half normal hit points (in easy game)
7. ZAXSKLIE + SXNIUKOU + SZNISESU Double usual time
8. OVUVAZSV Freeze timer
Disney's Duck Tales and Uncle Scrooge are trademarks of Walt Disney Company. Used by Capcom USA, Inc., under license


Memory Address Codes

  Address Value Effect
1. 007D 01 Invincible
2. EB6A 60 Infinite hit points
3. 0159 09 Freeze timer


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