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Mission Mission Title Screen Image Size Image Type
Mission 1 Double Dragon Screen Shot Mission 1 23 KB
1280 x 480
Mission 2 Double Dragon Screen Shot Mission 2 23 KB
1280 x 480
Mission 3 Double Dragon Screen Shot Mission 3 102 KB
2048 x 923
Mission 4 Double Dragon Screen Shot Mission 4 53 KB
1801 x 720


Double Dragon Box Cover Front


You'll never have to stand in line again to play Double Dragon again!

Double Dragon is the story of Billy and Jimmy Lee, twin brothers who learned to fight on the cold, tough streets of the city. Their expert knowledge of the martial arts, combined with their street-smarts, has made them both formidable fighting machines.

But now Billy is faced with his greatest challenge. His girlfriend, Marian, has been kidnapped by the Black Warriors, the savage street gang of the mysterious Shadow Boss! Using whatever weapons come to hand - knives, whips, bats, rocks, oil drums, even dynamite - Billy must pursue the gang through the slums, factories, and wooded outskirts of the city to reach the hideout for his final confrontation with the Shadow Boss... his brother Jimmy!

"Double Dragon has been America's top arcade hit for the last 3 months of 1987!" -Replay Magazine

"In the midst of other fighting games, Double Dragon scores above and beyond its competition... Well on its way to becoming a gaming classic!" - U.S. National Video Game Team

Double Dragon Box Cover Back



  1. Skip Mission 2 Boss: At the end of Mission 2, as soon as the boss comes out the door, climb down the ladder. After descending a 2nd or 3rd story, you will hear the sound of victory. The boss has been defeated and you can move on to the Mission 3.

  2. Max out Hearts & Techniques: In Mission 2, after crossing the pit by climbing onto the fence and moving right, two enemies will start walking towards you. When the one closer to the top of the screen almost walks past the girders (The red steel beams in the background), climb the fence. Walk back past the pit and climb off the fence. Climb back on, and head back to where the two Williams enemies were coming at you. Start kicking and punching were the Williams near the girders were and you'll start hitting "Invisible Williams". Keep on kicking and punching until you get all your hearts and techniques maxed out.


Game Genie Codes

1. AAUNYLPA Freeze the timer countdown
2. AEUTLZZA Start game with 1 life
3. IEUTLZZA Start game with 6 lives
4. AEUTLZZE Start game with 9 lives
5. XTKNXEZK More energy for player 2 or the CPU
6. XTKYOEZK More energy for player 1
7. AZUYZLAL Timer will count down fast
8. APUYZLAL Timer will count down super-fast
Double Dragon is a trademark of Tradewest, Inc.


Memory Address Codes

  Address Value Effect
1. 0505 99 Freeze the timer countdown
2. 03B4 40 Always have full energy


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